Orchester im Treppenhaus 03.06.20 - 04.06.20
Orchester im Treppenhaus © A.T. Birkenholz
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Going beyond borders, opening doors, creating new listening experiences – the Orchester im Treppenhaus turns classical music into a performance that surprises and delights its audience. The young ensemble expands the classical scene with new formats.


The Orchestra on the Stairs performs danceable new works by young composers. The concert hall becomes a club, a dance floor. The orchestra becomes a beat machine, a techno-DJ set, a minimal groove completely without electronics. Analogue, realtime electronica, classic dub, acoustic ambient.
The audience becomes a wave, moving in ecstatic dance. A great dance step into the future of classical music.

Christopher Böhm | Hans-Christian Stephan | Kostia Rapoport | Benjamin Scheuer | Carlos Cipa | Sebastian Wendt | Thomas Posth | Felix Behrendt | Martin Åsander

Dark, live audio drama with the Orchestra on the Stairs
The audience lies on folding beds in complete darkness while well-known dubbing actors (Bradley Cooper, Michael Fassbender, Johnny Depp) weave the music into a touching and shocking story.

Dark Room-Stories:
- Eine orchestrierte Freiheitsberaubung
- Verbotene Liebe
- Ein musikalischer Grenzfall


© Sören Semmelhaack

Orchester im Treppenhaus

Currently we cannot provide an English biography.

Currently we cannot provide an English biography.

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