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The members of the soloist ensemble The Mutter Virtuosi include former and current scholarship holders of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation as well as several other talented young musicians.

Anne-Sophie Mutter has committed herself to supporting highly gifted young violin, viola, cello and double bass soloists worldwide. She knows from her own experience how necessary targeted support is, particularly at the beginning of a career. That is why the violinist established the Friends of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation in 1997. The foundation of the same name, with headquarters in Munich, was established in 2008. Under the aegis of this organization young, highly talented musicians are supported according to their individual needs. In the spring of 2011 she launched the project The Mutter Virtuosi in order to introduce the artists to life as a professional musician, appear in concerts with them and present them to a wide audience. Since then the ensemble has toured with her throughout Europe, Asia, the US and Canada.

The scholarship holders of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation receive support geared to their individual needs. Anne-Sophie Mutter devotes a great deal of time to this support, which may include lessons with the violinist, assistance in selecting and engaging a suitable teacher, providing an instrument, establishing contacts with prominent soloists and their master classes or arranging auditions with conductors. “Instead of laying down rigid, inflexible rules, it is important to give each student what he or she needs,” explains Anne-Sophie Mutter, who selects the scholarship winners personally and actively supports them. The list of former scholarship holders includes artists such as Sergei Khachatryan, Daniel Müller-Schott, Linus Roth, Vilde Frang and Arabella Steinbacher, to name but a few.

Anne-Sophie Mutter describes the goals and principles of this initiative as follows: “It is particularly difficult nowadays for highly talented young instrumentalists to receive the necessary support during the crucial early years. In addition to the huge sums of money spent on lessons, in many cases financing a suitable string instrument poses great problems as well. Along with high purchase costs, there are the necessary insurance fees. Trips to the world’s great artists are also expensive – contacts which are essential for the development of a young musician. The support of young artists presents a challenge to everyone to whom the future of musical life is as important as it is to me. That is why I established the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation.”

Further information on the Friends of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation, with biographies of the scholarship holders, is available in the Internet at:

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