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„He offered a breathtaking cadenza, performing acrobatic feats in the instrument’s highest range.“

The New York Times
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Anyone Who has experienced a concert by Kari Kriikku, is sure heard the most extraordinary clarinetist of our time and to have seen.

Many famous composers have written for the Finnish clarinettist works: Besides Magnus Lindberg, Whose concert Kari Kriikku premiered in 2002 and since Has Played over 70 times, so composed Jukka Tiensuu and Kimmo Hakola works for him. Its dazzling concert learned acclaimed performances Including through the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne and the Orchestra of La Scala, Conducted by Semyon Bychkov.

In the spring of 2014 another work for clarinet Kari Kriikku is lifted from the baptism: Under the direction of Kent Nagano Kriikku plays in the spring of 2014, the premiere of the written for him Clarinet Concerto Unsuk Chin with the Gothenburg Symphony in Gothenburg and Stockholm , other national premieres follow in the season 2014/15.


The Clarinet Concerto by Kaija Saariaho, "DOM LE VRAI SENSE", is the youngest of Kari Kriikku works dedicated and in 2010 the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Sakari Oramo Conducted by (and directed by Peter Sellars) premiered. Other national premieres of works denied Krikku with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Radio Symphony,   l'Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig and Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. Had the lead, inter alia, Vladimir Jurowski, Storgårds, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Cornelius Master.

In German-speaking Kari Kriikku is in the 13/14 season Including in the New Year's Concert of the Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra with "Bizarre Bazaar", so to in Ondine published on CD collection of works for clarinet and strings with musical Influences from the Middle East and elements of klezmer, and experience with Magnus Lindberg's Clarinet Concerto with the SWR Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg headed by Francois Xavier Roth.

Kriikkus recording of the clarinet concerto by what Lindberg Awarded several prizes, the "Times Online" included the recording of this work in 2012 to the five best albums of contemporary music of the decade. His CD with works by Kimmo Hakola received the prestigious Finnish Janne price.

His musical inventiveness and his refreshing use of traditional performance practices of substantiate his eclectic career once again did what Recognized with the award of the prestigious "Nordic Council Music Prize" in June., 2009 For more than a decade Kriikku is THEREFORE Artistic Director of Avanti ! Chamber Orchestra.

SEASON 2013/2014




„He gurgled like hot mud, trilled like a skylark, sank to his knees, wove through the band and played from the circle seats. Finally, he turned ethereal pied piper, with violinists following and repeated notes from a celesta twinkling like the stars. Peter Sellars, no less, designed the staging.“

The Times, Geoff Brown, 24.10.10

„The composer has also been inspired by the soloist, an iconic virtuoso of new music, a magician of the clarinet, the unicorn, Kari Kriikku.“

Helsingin Sanomat, Jukka Isopuro, 10.09.10

„Making his debut with the Philharmonic on Saturday, Mr. Kriikku played with a glowing tone and sensual spontaneity in the rhapsodic interludes. He offered a breathtaking cadenza, performing acrobatic feats in the instrument’s highest range.“

The New York Times, Vivien Schweitzer, 14.02.10

„It is hard to imagine Kriikku giving a more gripping performance than this one. Kriikku's technique is phenomenal, and Lindberg exploits it to the full, pushing the music well beyond familiar clarinet territory – the ear is constantly besieged by new sounds and chords. All this is pointed up by Kriikku's witty, dynamic and expressive delivery; he positively dances as he plays.“

The Guardian, Rian Evans, 26.11.09

„The staggering virtuosity of Finnish clarinettist Kari Kriikku has made contemporary composers rush to write for him.“

The Observer, Nicholas Kenyon, 5.07.09



Saariaho: KlarinettenkonzertKari Kriikku, das Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra und Sakari Oramo spielen D’OM LE VRAI SENS - das Werk, das von Kaija Saariaho für ihn geschrieben wurde.Aug. 2011, Ondine, CD, Verfügbar bei: iTunes Amazon
Uljas Pulkkis Tales of Joy, Passion and LoveEine CD mit Werken von Pulkkis mit dem Tampere Philharmonic unter Hannu LintuJun. 2011, Ondine, CD, Verfügbar bei: iTunes Amazon
Tiensuu: MissaKari Kriikku spielt das Klarinettenkonzert von Tiensuu mit dem Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra und John StorgårdsOkt. 2010, Ondine, , Verfügbar bei: iTunes Amazon
Essential Highlights of Kari KriikkuAusgewählte Werke für Kari KriikkuApr. 2010, Ondine, CD, Verfügbar bei: Amazon
Bizarre BazaarWeltmusik mit Kari Kriikku, der Tapiola Sinfonietta und dem Dirigenten Jan SöderblomApr. 2009, Ondine, CD, Verfügbar bei: iTunes Amazon