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Finances & human resources

Nicole Apitius Senior Director of Operations

+49 (0)511 366 07-53 |

Nicole Apitius, born in Hannover, completed an apprenticeship in freight forwarding and worked as a cargo agent at Hannover Airport before joining Konzertdirektion Schmid in 1990. She is responsible for tour logistics in the orchestra department and in January 2000 took over the management of the logistics department. In July 2013, she also took over the Management of personnel and finances for the offices in Hannover and Berlin.

Kirill Ryabchuk Director of Operations

+44 (0)20 739509-18 |

Kirill Ryabchuk graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in economic Geography in 2009. Driven by his passion for music and finance, he joined Konzertdirektion Schmid London as a Bookkeeper in August 2009, and very soon became the Finance Officer in the London office. His deep understanding of finance extends from past positions in the leading financial services firm Jones Lang LaSalle and also within the global charity Oxfam. A true geographer at heart, he is passionate about people and travel, and has a special interest in contemporary music.

Annette Schulz Senior Finance Manager

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Annette Schulz has been working for Konzertdirektion Schmid since March 2011. She was born in Hannover, attended the IGS Hannover-Linden school and started an apprenticeship as Assistant Tax Consultant, which she completed successfully in 1997. During her apprenticeship she worked closely with the Tax Adviser of Konzertdirektion Schmid. As a result of the good cooperation he hired her in 1999 as Assistant Tax Adviser for his company. One of her assignments was to supervise the accountancy of the Niedersächsisches Gastspielbüro during the World Exposition in Hannover in 2000. After more than 10 years in the tax consultant`s office she wanted a new professional challenge, gained her first experiences in private enterprise and now works in the accounts department of Konzertdirektion Schmid in Hannover.