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Artist Management

Karen McDonald Managing Director

+44 (0)20 739509-15 |

After graduating in 1992 with an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Music at Goldsmiths College (University of London), Karen McDonald gained her first exposure to artist management at Intermusica (London). She joined Konzertdirektion Schmid in September 1998 to launch the new London office at the age of 27 and was consequently appointed Director of the London office in 2001. Karen’s passion for the classical music industry and dedication to all things artist management led to her natural placement on the IAMA Board from 2002-2008, the last 3 years of which she served as Deputy Chair. In May 2010 she was appointed Vice President of Konzerdirektion Schmid and became joint Managing Director in November 2015. Karen is keenly family-orientated, the influence of which has always been enjoyably felt and witnessed in her working style by colleagues and artists.

Tabea Sitte Executive Assistant

+44 (0)20 7395 0932 |

Emma-Jane Wyatt Director

+44 (0)20 739509-14 |

A music graduate from London University, Emma-Jane Wyatt has worked in the music agency business on both sides of the Atlantic. After spending eight years living and working in New York City, she joined the Konzertdirektion Schmid London office in May 2004. Business trips aside, Emma-Jane is a keen traveller. She fulfilled a life time goal to trek in the Himalayas and undertook a charity walk in the Scottish Highlands completing 54 miles in 24 hours nonstop.

Julia Albrecht Director

+49 (0)511 36607-39 |

Julia Albrecht grew up in a family of musicians. She completed law studies in Berlin by successfully passing the German First State Examination. In 1995 she started working at Konzertdirektion Schmid in artists management, but after almost  ten years took a break to start a family. In 2005 Julia Albrecht established her own business in Hannover, working on classical music projects, fundraising and public relations and in 2012 was Managing Director of the “Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover”. In March 2013 Julia Albrecht returned to Konzertdirektion Schmid to take on the position of Director of the Artist Management Department.

Benedikt Carlberg Senior Artist Manager

+49 (0)30 5213702-24 |

Benedikt Carlberg was born in Kassel. He studied German and Political Science in Marburg and Leipzig. Since 2008 he has been working in the artist management department of the Konzertdirektion Schmid and was based in London and Hanover office, since 2014 in the Berlin office. He thanks Adrian McLeish as well as Bernhard Krug for their patience in the teaching of the horn.

Erdmuthe Pirlich Senior Artist Manager

+49 (0)511 36607-69 |

Erdmuthe Pirlich was born in Bad Harzburg. Following her study of music education in Detmold, she went to France for five years and taught at several institutions including the Conservatory in Colmar. She gained her first experience in music management through her collaboration with several international choral competitions, as well as her work at the Bayerische Musikakademie in Marktoberdorf/Allgäu. She has been an artist manager with Konzertdirektion Schmid since 1989.

Pia Lucas-Sikorski Senior Artist Manager

+44 (0)20 739509-16 |

Pia Lucas-Sikorski, born in Germany, graduated from City University London with a Master of Arts in Culture Policy and Management. She joined the London office of Konzertdirektion Schmid in 2006. Mrs Lucas-Sikorski previously gained work experience in the Culture Section of the German magazine "Der Spiegel", the Hamburg State Opera, the Beethovenfest and the Beethoven Piano Competition Bonn. Apart from going to concerts, she likes visiting museums and art galleries, travelling and exploring markets such as Asia as well as playing her violin. She speaks English, German and Dutch.

Anna Wetherell Senior Artist Manager

+44 (0)20 739509-32 |

Anna Wetherell graduated from Oxford University with a music degree in 2002 and began work at Van Walsum Management in London, first as assistant in the Projects Department, before moving to the Artist Management Department. She has worked for Konzertdirektion Schmid UK since August 2004. At Oxford, her main instrument was the piano. She was also an active member of various choral groups within the university, alongside the contemporary music group and instrumental chamber groups. She is also passionate about cinema and English literature.

Enrico Fischer Artist Manager

+49 (0)30 5213702-26 |

Enrico Fischer attended the Special School of Music in Weimar from the age of 13. It was there that he developed and nurtured a deep understanding of classical music. After completing his A-levels at the Special School of Music he went on to earn diplomas in piano and media and communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. At the same time he gathered work experience in radio, with SONY Classical and EMI Classics, and later with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and as an independent PR manager. He was also employed as a marketing assistant with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. In January 2010 he joined the artist management team of the Konzertdirektion Schmid.

Andreas Flohr Artist Manager

+44 (0)20 739509-30 |

Andreas studied music in Hamburg, Germany before graduating in music and arts management from City University in London in 2005. Advanced studies at Universities in Salzburg, Chicago and Shanghai lead him to further his academic education and he earned his MBA in December 2007. Andreas gained professional experiences from internships at English Chamber Orchestra, English National Opera and the International Artist Managers' Association, where he took up the post of Manager: Membership and Projects in September 2007. Andreas moved to Bonn in 2010 to take up a temporary position at the German Music Council working with young conductors before joining Konzertdirektion Schmid's London office in February 2011. In his spare time he helps running YPIA of which he is one of the founding directors and maintains a physically active lifestyle. Andreas also enjoys travelling internationally and regionally on two wheels.  

Kellie Mills Artist Manager

+44 (0)20 739509-12 |

Kellie Mills graduated from the University of York with a music degree in 2008. Upon graduation she entered into an internship with the London Symphony Orchestra, having gained varied arts administration experiences alongside her studies. Kellie joined Konzertdirektion Schmid's London office in May 2009. In her spare time, Kellie enjoys playing her alto flute and maintaining an active lifestyle, running by the Thames and putting on her walking boots wherever possible. 

Sabine Gießelmann Associate Artist Manager

+49 (0)511 36607-80 |

Sabine Gießelmann was born in Aschaffenburg. Working as a technician in a medical research lab., she took singing lessons in her spare time and sang for several years in the opera choirs in Lübeck and Hildesheim. In addition she completed a correspondence course in history, literature and cultural management at the Hagen University. Since March 2001 she has been working in the vocal department of Konzertdirektion Schmid.

Marlene Brüggen Associate Artist Manager

+49 (0)511 36607-23 |

Marlene joined the team of Konzertdirektion Schmid in October 2013. Born in Holzminden, Marlene studied Media Management and received her Bachelor of Arts in 2012. 2016 she completed her master studies in Media and Music at the Hanover University for Music, Drama and Media. Her Bachelor thesis depicted the popularization in the classical branch while she concentrated on innovative projects and alternative performance concepts for classical music in her master thesis.

She gained practical experience working as an intern at the NDR, Konzertdirektion Schmid in Hanover and London, the networking project for contemporary music “Musik 21 Niedersachsen” as well as the Beethovenfest Bonn.

Since October 2016 Marlene has taken on new tasks as Associate Artist following her position as administrator at Konzertdirektion Schmid in Hannover.

Vanessa Tsoi Associate Artist Manager

+44 (0)2073 9509-17 |

Vanessa graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a BA in Music in 2010. During and after her university studies, she worked for the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the Hong Kong Arts Festival where she gained varied professional experiences in arts administration. Vanessa moved to London in 2012 to read a MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy at Goldsmiths University of London and joined Konzertdirektion Schmid in September 2013, after completing a three month internship at the Konzertdirektion Schmid London office as part of her MA course. Aside from work, Vanessa is a keen concert-goer. She also enjoys baking, traveling, as well as playing the violin in her spare time.

Susanne Büttner Administrator & Media

+44 (0)20 7395 0931 |

Susanne Büttner studied Theatre, Media and Music in Bayreuth followed by Arts and Media Management in Hamburg. She gathered professional experience at the Semperoper Dresden, the Deutsche Bank Stiftung as well as Deloitte’s marketing and communications department. Before joining Konzertdirektion Schmid’s London office in 2016, Susanne was a project manager and online editor for the German Rotary Magazine. In her spare time she enjoys travelling the world and is an active volunteer for British disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

Stefanie Preising Administrator

+49 (0)511 36607-76 |

After having completed her studies at the conservatoire in Hannover with the cello as her major instrument, Stefanie Preising first came into contact with Konzertdirektion Schmid in the summer of 1990 as an intern. In January 1991 she started to work there regularly as Cornelia Schmid’s assistant, but soon after, switched to artists management, before taking a 7 year break to start a family. She returned to KD Schmid in November 2002, and has been working again in the artist management since summer 2007.

Regina Thimm Administrator

+49 (0)511 36607-82 |

Regina Thimm was born in Hanover and following her graphic design studies worked in a theatre and a social services facility. After having worked for 6 years in the PR department at Konzertdirektion Schmid she changed to the artists department in 2001 to work as Administrator. She is passionate about music and all other kind of Arts.

Delia Kunstmann Administrator

+49 (0)30 5213 702-22 |

Delia Kunstmann studied Media Dramaturgy in Mainz. Having received her diploma, she spent several years working within the organizational team of the International Forum of New Cinema at the Berlin International Film Festival. After completing a traineeship in the press department of UFA Fiction and a PR job for Deutsche Grammophon at the Salzburg Festival, she joined the Berlin office of Konzertdirektion Schmid as administrator in 2017.

Tabea Sitte Administrator

+44 (0)20 7395 0932 |

Alice Heidler Administrator

+44 (0)20 7395 0934 |

Alice Heidler graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich in 2013, where she received a Magister Artium in American Literature, Musicology and Portuguese Literature. Before joining Konzertdirektion Schmid, she spent time travelling in the country of her childhood, Australia, and worked at IMG Artists in the Conductors and Instrumentalists department in Hanover, Germany. Alice continues to enjoy playing her cello, performing with her local choir, and exploring the diverse, colourful and cultural corners of London.

Jan-Christian Nauck Administrator

+49 (0)511 36607-22 |

Jan-Christian Nauck joined the Konzertdirektion Schmid in the summer of 2013. Born in Hannover, he studied economics and languages (Spanish/Italian) in Giessen and Oviedo. After several months at a political foundation in Madrid, he then started working in the cultural sector – with both regional and international focus. Besides his tasks as administrator in the artist management, he is PA to Julia Albrecht.

Sian Watson Administrator

+44 (0) 2073 9509 13 |

Sian Watson graduated from the University of East Anglia in July 2011, where she studied for a degree in music. After graduating, she completed a six month internship in the Vocal and Opera Departments at the Royal Academy of Music, before spending a further two years working in the Academy’s Registry office. She then moved on to join Konzertdirektion Schmid in May 2014. Sian is a keen violinist, and in her spare time enjoys playing with local orchestras.

Tours & Projects

Cornelia Schmid Managing Director

+49 (0)511 36607-73 |

After obtaining a Master of Arts degree in English and German at the University in Bonn and Harvard University, Cornelia Schmid joined her father's company in 1986 at the age of 28. She had first acquired the necessary knowledge through several positions in music management: two summers at the Tanglewood Music Festival, a traineeship with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and a training period with colleague firms in London and Amsterdam. Today, following the retirement of founder Hans Ulrich Schmid, she manages the Konzertdirektion as Managing Director and is also co-owner of the Konzertdirektion Dr. Rudolf Goette in Hamburg and Pro Musica in Hannover.

Baiba Birzgalis Executive Assistant

+49 (0)511 36607-51 |

Baiba Birzgalis was born in England as the daughter of Latvian parents. She studied business administration and languages and subsequently worked as a tour guide in Europe and the USA . She has been a member of the staff of Konzertdirektion Hans Ulrich Schmid since 1989 and takes care of sponsorship requirements and PR materials for orchestra tours.

Carola Reul Senior Project Manager

+49 (0)511 36607-75 |

After finishing her music studies at the University of Würzburg and a year in London, Carola Reul went on to train as a teacher for secondary education. During her ensuing studies for a Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Management at City University, London she was an intern at the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Immediately after finishing her diploma she started working in the Artist Department at HarrisonParrott UK. In 2004 she moved into the Tour Department where she was responsible for logistics, contracting and tour management. She supports the team of the Orchestra Department of Konzertdirektion Schmid as Project Manager since June 2007, and as Senior Project Manager since December 2013.

Claude Boischot Project Manager

+49 (0)511 36607-85 |

Claude Boischot was born in Versailles (France). After a bilingual schooling in French and German, he studied musicology at the Sorbonne and obtained experience in cultural management by working 10 years at the Choeur Régional d'Ile de France. After further training at the IESA, Paris and an internship at Konzertdirektion Schmid, he worked as production manager at Les Musiciens du Louvre-Grenoble from 2008 to 2009. After three years in the Artist Management Department of Konzertdirektion Schmid, he joined in April 2013 the Orchestra Touring Departement as Project Manager.

Konstantin Moritsch Project Manager

+49 (0)40 38621667 |

Konstantin Moritsch was born in Vienna and began working in the business office of Camerata Academica Salzburg and the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester in 1990. He has worked for Konzertdirektion Schmid on a freelance basis since 1995 in the areas of orchestra tour management and special projects.

Sarah Musli Project Manager

+49 (0) 511 36607-33 |

Sarah Musli studied music and music management at the conservatory in Cologne. During and after her studies she gathered professional experience at the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, the Staatskapelle Dresden, the Kölner Philharmonie and the Rheingau Musik Festival. She handled the orchestral touring projects at Concerto Winderstein in Munich for two years before joining the Orchestral Touring Department at Konzertdirektion Schmid in September 2014.

Finn Peters Logistics

+49 (0)511 36607-41 |

Susanne Weisang Logistics

+49 (0)511 36607-61 |

Born and raised in a rural community, she studied in a city with over a million inhabitants and has worked since February 1998 in the orchestra department at Konzertdirektion Schmid with an emphasis on tour organisation. The many concerts she attends in the context of her work give her particular pleasure. Being able to combine what she loves with the work that needs to be done makes her job fulfilling.

Mareike Bahr Assistant Orchestra Touring & IT

+49 (0)511 36607-77 |

Mareike Bahr joined the team of the Konzertdirektion in December 2016. After receiving her diploma (M.A.) in musicology at Paderborn University and the Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar Detmold, she gathered professional experience in orchestra management at the Rheinische Philharmonie Koblenz as well as at Rheingau Musik Festival at the artist management office. As of now she supports the Orchestra Touring Department and the IT Department of the KD Schmid. In her spare time she enjoys to be active outdoors with her dog.

Baiba Birzgalis Publicity material / Sponsorship

+49 (0)511 36607-51 |

Baiba Birzgalis was born in England as the daughter of Latvian parents. She studied business administration and languages and subsequently worked as a tour guide in Europe and the USA . She has been a member of the staff of Konzertdirektion Hans Ulrich Schmid since 1989 and takes care of sponsorship requirements and PR materials for orchestra tours.

Finances & human resources

Nicole Apitius Senior Director of Operations

+49 (0)511 366 07-53 |

Nicole Apitius, born in Hannover, completed an apprenticeship in freight forwarding and worked as a cargo agent at Hannover Airport before joining Konzertdirektion Schmid in 1990. She is responsible for tour logistics in the orchestra department and in January 2000 took over the management of the logistics department. In July 2013, she also took over the Management of personnel and finances for the offices in Hannover and Berlin.

Kirill Ryabchuk Director of Operations

+44 (0)20 739509-18 |

Kirill Ryabchuk graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in economic Geography in 2009. Driven by his passion for music and finance, he joined Konzertdirektion Schmid London as a Bookkeeper in August 2009, and very soon became the Finance Officer in the London office. His deep understanding of finance extends from past positions in the leading financial services firm Jones Lang LaSalle and also within the global charity Oxfam. A true geographer at heart, he is passionate about people and travel, and has a special interest in contemporary music.

Annette Schulz Senior Finance Manager

+49 (0)511 36607-26 |

Annette Schulz has been working for Konzertdirektion Schmid since March 2011. She was born in Hannover, attended the IGS Hannover-Linden school and started an apprenticeship as Assistant Tax Consultant, which she completed successfully in 1997. During her apprenticeship she worked closely with the Tax Adviser of Konzertdirektion Schmid. As a result of the good cooperation he hired her in 1999 as Assistant Tax Adviser for his company. One of her assignments was to supervise the accountancy of the Niedersächsisches Gastspielbüro during the World Exposition in Hannover in 2000. After more than 10 years in the tax consultant`s office she wanted a new professional challenge, gained her first experiences in private enterprise and now works in the accounts department of Konzertdirektion Schmid in Hannover.

Internal matters

Silke Musfeldt IT & Media Manager

+49 (0)511 36607-42 |

Silke Musfeldt, born in Langenhagen near Hannover, studied geodesy at the Technical University in Hannover. Followed by a period of self-employment (service company for concert and catering supplies) and subsequent maternity leave, she joined the staff of Konzertdirektion Schmid in August 1999 as personal assistant to Cornelia Schmid and later as Associate Artist Manager. She is responsible for all administrative duties for Christian Tetzlaff, Lars Vogt as well as Yo-Yo Ma and supervising all IT matters of the company.

Mareike Bahr IT Assistant

+49 (0)511 36607-77 |

Mareike Bahr joined the team of the Konzertdirektion in December 2016. After receiving her diploma (M.A.) in musicology at Paderborn University and the Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar Detmold, she gathered professional experience in orchestra management at the Rheinische Philharmonie Koblenz as well as at Rheingau Musik Festival at the artist management office. As of now she supports the Orchestra Touring Department and the IT Department of the KD Schmid. In her spare time she enjoys to be active outdoors with her dog.

Carlotta Zeltner Trainee

+49 (0)511 36607-56 |

After graduating from school in her hometown Kiel, Carlotta Zeltner gained her first insight into the work of Konzertdirektion Schmid during two internships, both in Hannover and London.

Following these practical experiences, she studied English and Romance Studies at the University of Bonn.

Since October 2016 she has been working as a trainee in the Hannover office of Konzertdirektion Schmid. 

Maya Raphaela Reda On maternity leave

After her graduation, Maya Raphaela Reda studied Cultural Studies and Spanish at the universities in Bremen und Münster, Germany. Her studies were followed by a vocational course in administration and languages (English, Spanish, Italian). She first came to Konzertdirektion Schmid as an intern, in both the Hannover and London offices. Since July 2009 she forms part of the Konzertdirektion Schmid team as administrator. During her leisure time, she likes to swim and play her cello.

Astrid Brauer On maternity leave

+49 (0) 511 36607-41 |

After having spent a year in Warwickshire, England, Astrid Brauer studied English and Musicology which she finished with an MA in 2002. Prior to joining the PR department of Konzertdirektion Schmid in August 2006, she had worked as a trainee at a music publisher´s, done a correspondence course in journalism and completed several internships in the cultural field, amongst others in the press department of the Deutsche Oper Berlin (2005/2006 season). After three years of maternity leave, Astrid Brauer returned to the Schmid office in November 2014, where she takes care of the company's website and matters of office organization. If there's some spare time, she still enjoys playing the piano.

Meike Becker On maternity leave

+49 (0)30 5213702-25 |

Before joining Konzertdirektion Schmid in July 2012, Meike Becker worked as Head of PR for the Tonhalle Düsseldorf and the Schumannfest 2012, a position she assumed in 2010 after having previously worked for the PR² classic agency. Meike Knoche earned a degree in musicology as well as in media and communication studies at the University of Halle-Wittenberg. Whilst studying for her degree she worked as a freelance music critic for the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Following her studies, she worked for “Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart” and was responsible for the PR and Marketing of the Festival ECLAT and the “Neue Vocalsolisten”. 

Sophie Hummel On maternity leave

+49 (0)30 5213 702-27 |

Before joining Konzertdirektion Schmid in August 2014, Sophie Hummel was responsible for concert planning at Konzertdirektion Goette in Hamburg since 2010. There she was in charge for concert series in different cities, among others in Hamburg, Bremen, Braunschweig and Berlin. She completed her studies in  musicology in Bonn and made a Master in cultural and media management in Hamburg. After studying she worked for Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben and Musikfest Bremen.